49ers news: Chris Foerster thinks Mike McGlinchey’s extra weight in 2021 hurt him as a player

For the past three seasons, the weight of San Francisco 49ers right tackle Mike McGlinchey has been a hot topic of discussion. Offensive line coach Chris Foerster shared his thoughts on the matter, believing McGlinchey’s weight wasn’t the cause of his issues.

Foerster never understood why people only lifted McGlinchey’s weight as a problem in the passing game. Instead, he called McGlinchey one of the league’s best run blockers who often knocked down opposing defensive linemen:

I didn’t think it was too light. It’s the execution and the fundamentals. You weigh 300 pounds. They (the strength and conditioning staff) know better than me. How they feel, from strength coaches and nutrition staff, is beyond me.

I know if you put your hands in the right place and play with the level pad… I never watched Mike McGlinchey in the running game and said he was too light. He knocks people down. He is one of the best run blockers in the NFL. It is an excellent blocker.

In fact, I think more weight hurt him a bit. There is a level where a player should feel comfortable. You have to compete. You have to feel the force. And in this position, it’s a big man’s game. So maybe 10-15 pounds might feel light in the pants. So maybe that’s how he felt.

I keep saying half the time you felt that, you weren’t doing your fundamentals right, and that’s why you felt that. If you have more weight… Trent Williams gets away with some things being as big and strong and physical as he is. He might lack technique and that’s just…Erghh… [buzzer sound] it ends right there because he is Trent.

When you are lighter, it puts a premium on technique.

McGlinchey mentioned on Wednesday how he had returned to his pre-Covid weight. McGlinchey’s weight has fluctuated all over the past few seasons. In 2020, he’s dropped to 290 pounds. Last year he was closer to 315 pounds, which he felt was too high. Now he’s somewhere in the 305-pound range. He explained why:

I think despite the production I had last year, I still felt like I could do things a little better. I’m back to the weight I’ve always played at. That’s where I’ve played my best football since I was 18, 19 and that’s where I’m going to stay. I feel that I move faster, more explosive, stronger, all that. All these cliches you want me to spit out now.

The 49ers are careful not to rush McGlinchey through things too quickly, as he had plenty of free time and rest during the first week of camp.

It would be hard to find stiffer competition for McGlinchey than Nick Bosa, whom he primarily fought against. These two have had their fair share of entertaining battles. Bosa beat McGlinchey for sacks, but Mike’s hip knocked the former Buckeye to the ground on an impressive rep.

Above all, McGlinchey needs to stay healthy for this offense to work. McGlinchey played full seasons in 2018 and 2020 while missing games in 2019 and 2021. If history repeats itself, he will protect Trey Lance throughout 2022.

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