DeRozan teases fellow Drew League guest White Heads Overseas, Rebounding Duo and Other Bulls Bullets

The girlfriend and I decided this might be our last chance to soak up the sun this summer. So if you need me, I’ll buy a six-pack and sunbathe by the lake.

Don’t decide to do anything worth posting today, Bulls!

  • DeMar DeRozan released some late night news on Friday!
  • The Bulls All-Star will return to the Drew League this afternoon with a special guest. Unless he comes in with Michael Jordan, I find it hard to believe the man will be able to top his appearance with LeBron James a few weeks ago. But, still, it’s damn great that he’s still bringing friends, and I wonder if any of his current Bulls teammates might walk through the door this time around.
  • We know that a majority of the Bulls roster recently spent time in the Los Angeles area for voluntary group workouts. I have to imagine at least one couple would be ready to prepare for a Pro-Am match, especially one of the youngsters like Patrick Williams and Ayo Dosunmu. Only time will tell !
  • Speaking of youngsters, the Pacers’ star guard announced he’ll be hitting the Drew League field tomorrow:
  • The Chicago Bulls fullback traveled to Australia for the latest Basketball Without Borders Asia Camp. According to Spencer Davis of and the NBA Australia Instagram account, White will be joined by Jarrett Allen of the Cavs, Cameron Johnson of the Suns and Josh Green of the Mavs. White is close friends with Johnson, especially since their days at UNC (the famous “wow, bro” in the draft was referring to Johnson), so I have to imagine that will make this opportunity all the more special.
  • Indeed, as high and low as White’s early seasons in the NBA went, he still seems like such a good locker room guy. Many teammates praised his goofy personality, while Billy Donovan gushed about his work ethic. He will be a great mentor and an excellent representative of the league!
  • So on to the rebound issues…
  • If Patrick Williams can’t have a bigger impact on the glass while he’s next to one of those two, there could still be issues at times. But there’s no doubt that the duo of Nikola Vucevic and Andre Drummond will fix some of the rebounding issues. We should see a lot more consistent production in that department when Vucevic is off the floor, especially on the attacking glass, which was a MAJOR issue.
  • Seriously, while Drummond might have his shortcomings, few players have been as dominant in rebounding basketball as he is. I also like to know that if Vucevic needs a night off, we shouldn’t see a massive drop in that category with Drummond in the starting lineup.
  • ICYMI: Scottie Pippen didn’t mince words when sharing his thoughts on this current Bulls team.
  • Do you think any of the Goran Dragic tried to insert a ‘Do not show Derrick Rose poster’ clause in their contract?
  • Hey, that sounds like good news!

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