Apple is reportedly planning new nutrition and payment services alongside Fitness+ improvements

Apple is reportedly planning new nutrition and payment services alongside Fitness+ improvements

Apple plans to introduce several improvements to Apple Fitness+ and Apple Pay this year, and has been exploring offering an entirely new grocery service that integrates with the Health app Bloombergis Mark Gurman.

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In the latest edition of his A Newsletter, Gurman outlined his expectations for new Apple services this year. Two finance-related Apple services are said to be in development, including a hardware subscription program and a Buy Now, Pay Later service for Apple Pay transactions that will allow customers to pay for Apple Pay purchases over the course of the year Time to pay in installments and compete with existing services Klarna.

Last month, Gurman explained that the hardware subscription program would allow customers to pay a monthly fee and get access to an iPhone, iPad or Mac for the duration of the subscription. Apple is said to be aiming to make the process of buying an “iPhone” or an “iPad” “on par” with buying iCloud storage or paying for an Apple Music subscription, with customers purchasing hardware using their Apple ID and their Subscribe to an App Store account.

The service is rumored to be Apple’s “biggest foray yet” into recurring sales, and though it’s been working on hardware subscriptions for months, it’s apparently been pushed back to focus on the “buy now, pay later” service Apple Pay ” to concentrate. Gurman claims Apple is working to implement hardware subscriptions by the end of 2022, but it could potentially be pushed back to 2023 or canceled altogether.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly planning to add new workout types to Apple Fitness+ with iOS 16 later this year. In addition, Apple is said to have examined offering an “Instacart-like service that integrates with nutritional data into the health app”. Gurman noted that implementing the service is potentially complex and “pretty low-margin.” He added that he’s also hoping for significant upgrades to the Apple TV+ this year.

Apple’s expansion of its service offering has been the subject of speculation for some analysts, with Loup Ventures suggesting Apple could offer “Podcasts+”, “Stocks+”, “Mail+” and “Health+” in the future.

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