49ers schedule leak: 49ers face Seahawks Week 15 Thursday night

49ers schedule leak: 49ers face Seahawks Week 15 Thursday night

Kyle’s Update, 1:30pm PT: As predicted, the 49ers will face Russell Wilson under the lights. Sunday Night Football, San Francisco travels to Denver to take on the Broncos. In Week 10, the Chargers will travel to Levi’s Stadium for Sunday Night Football. Finally, the Seattle Seahawks will host the Niners in Week 15 on Thursday night.

These above games have been confirmed by Mr. David Fucillo, former overlord of Niners Nation. In 2018, the Niners had three of their first four games away. It’s not uncommon for teams to travel often early in the season.

There have been other leaks from other teams with the 49ers traveling to Atlanta in Week 2. That means San Francisco will start the season with three straight road games if the leaked info is correct.

Here’s what the internet has found so far, including the three above:

Week 1: @ bears
Week 2: @hawks
Week 3: @Broncos
Week 5: @Panthers
Week 7: Chiefs (unconfirmed home/away)
Week 10: against chargers
Week 11: @ Cardinals, in Mexico City
Week 12: vs. saints
Week 15: @Seattle
Week 16: vs. commanders
Week 17: @ Hunter
Week 18: vs. Cardinals

We can expect several schedule leaks throughout Thursday before the official release at 5pm PT. Danny Parkins of 670 The Score in Chicago confirms the Chicago Bears opponent. In Week 1, the Bears host the San Francisco 49ers:

When both teams met mid-season last year, we thought we were going to see Justin Fields vs. Trey Lance. This time, that’s more likely to happen with Jimmy Garoppolo’s insecurity and no one standing in Fields’ way as a starter.

The 49ers won 33-22 in Chicago last season, but they had to beat the Bears 18-6 in the fourth quarter after Chicago came within a point after Fields had that wonderful touchdown run in 4th and 1st places:

I remember sitting in the press box in the corner of the end zone with Fields running and thinking, “No way he scores.” Hopefully it’s Lance this time.

The Bears missed the extra point and the 49ers scored a touchdown on the next drive to end the game. Still, the game was closer than expected.

I don’t think the Niners need to worry about a close game this time. We don’t know what we’ll get from Lance, and there will be nerves, but the Bears had a memorable offseason, to say the least.

Current Schedule Leaks:

Week 1: @ bears
Week 11: @ Cardinals, in Mexico City
Week 12: vs. saints

We’ll update this throughout the day. Feel free to share what you see in the comments. Nothing is confirmed yet, but locals here in Phoenix believe Kyler Murray and co. will finish the season in Week 18 at Levi’s Stadium.

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