Balenciaga: French luxury brand Balenciaga launches ‘completely destroyed’ sneakers for Rs 1.42, Twitter is not amused

Balenciaga: French luxury brand Balenciaga launches ‘completely destroyed’ sneakers for Rs 1.42, Twitter is not amused

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga, known for delivering “uncompromising standards” at a hefty price tag, is in the news again, and this time not for an outlandish collection, but for offering a bizarre piece of product at a hefty price tag.

The high-end brand has launched its limited collection of sneakers dubbed ‘Paris Sneaker’ which are ‘completely destroyed’. The shoes are sold in two styles – high-top and backless mules.

But Balenciaga is not only making headlines because of the bizarre condition of the shoes. The cost of the shoes also raises eyebrows.

The high-top and mule variants of the fully destroyed shoes range from $625 (about Rs.48,378) to $1850 (about Rs.1,43,198). The sneakers can currently be pre-ordered and are available in black or brown.

The ‘completely destroyed’ sneakers feature holes on the cotton sides at the top and back, while the brand’s logo flashes on the edge of the shoes.

The luxury brand suggested the ripped and torn sneakers should be worn for a lifetime. One hundred limited-edition shoes from “those extra wrecked sneakers” will be available on the brand’s website until supplies last.

Shortly after the company launched the “Paris Sneaker,” it was met with criticism on various social media platforms as users failed to understand paying a high price for worn-out and destroyed shoes.

Livia Firth, ethical fashion activist and Colin Firth’s estranged wife, took to Instagram to blast the luxury brand, saying that the sale of something expensive being destroyed is “more than offensive to those who wear shoes like this.” is because they can’t afford even a basic meal.”

“I need your help to understand what I think of the new @balenciaga limited edition sneakers…. Part of me is totally offended, I don’t know the price tag but am sure they aren’t cheap and it’s so devastating to buy anything not only insulting to people I’ve actually met wearing shoes like this, because they could not afford even simple meals. What is Balenciaga trying to say on the other side? Fashion is art, yes, and there have been many provocations in its history. But what is that? statement here? Please help me. Maybe I just didn’t do my homework right…” read Firth’s Instagram post.

While another person in the comments section called out high fashion for “always making this thing where it supplies clothes for the rich more or less who mock or mimic what the average person sees”.

“I’m even referring to the popularity of blue jeans, the working-class uniform… without really getting into the subject. And because it’s called ‘art,’ it’s allowed to happen again and again, no matter how distasteful it may be,” says username ajabarber’s persona, commenting.

Many expressed the same sentiments on Twitter. Just look:

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