CBS’ ‘B Positive’ Canceled After 2 Seasons – Deadline

CBS’ ‘B Positive’ Canceled After 2 Seasons – Deadline

CBS has decided not to renew the comedy series produced by Chuck Lorre B Positive For a third season, Deadline has learned something new. The decision follows yesterday’s cancellation of another second CBS comedy series produced by LorreUnited States of Al. Both were strong in the bubble, but given Lorre’s standing as the network’s top comedy producer over the past two decades, there was an expectation that at least one of the two shows could make the cut for next season.

Lorre will still have several series on CBS next season; The big Bang Theory offshoot Young Sheldon and bob Abischola both have been renewed, the former as part of a multi-year collection.

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B Positive, starring Annaleigh Ashford and Thomas Middleditch, underwent a creative makeover after season 1 when creator and co-showrunner Marco Pennette left. former Two and a half men Executive producer Jim Patterson, who was co-showrunner with Pennette, co-directed season two with Warren Bell and executive produced with Lorre.

Based on Pennette’s personal experience, the series revolved around Drew from Middleditch, a newly divorced father faced with the task of finding a kidney donor, and his relationship with Ashford’s Gina, a rough woman from his past who volunteered for her own uses.

The second season, which premiered in October 2021, focused on Gina inheriting a large sum of money and buying the retirement home she works in, while Drew reevaluates his life goals and sets out to rediscover himself. The changes also followed misconduct allegations against Middleditch that were unrelated to the show.

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Lorre said that a third season would explore the real relationship between Gina and Drew after she decided she wanted to be with him. He added that there will also be a focus on Valley Hills residents and their cut-throat competition from corporate competitor Golden Horizons.

The Thursday night comedy was produced by Warner Bros Television in association with Chuck Lorre Productions, with Warren Bell also serving as executive producer.

The CBS comedy series renewal also includes a fifth season of That neighborhood and a second season for the breakout hit ghosts.

Peter White contributed to this report.

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