Here are the updates for the Google Clock & Calculator tablet redesign

Here are the updates for the Google Clock & Calculator tablet redesign

On stage at I/O 2022, Google announced that over 20 of its first-party apps will soon be optimized for big screens. Some were already previewed yesterday, and now here’s a look at how Google Clock and Calculator are getting updated for their Android tablet redesigns.

In the “Making apps for the big screen” session, Google showed off two new tablet updates. For now, Google Clock on big screens is just a sprawling phone app with some tweaks, but it’s not that well done (e.g. see image #2 in the slideshow below).

Instead of a bottom bar, Google Clock switches to a navigation bar on the left, like the Photos app. Other apps like Gmail and Google TV should also switch to this new UI element. It’s a much better use of space as the main area of ​​the app is housed in a window with rounded corners. The navigation element is black, although Material You’s pill-shaped indicators that indicate which tab you’re viewing remain themed.

Meanwhile, the Alarm tab uses columns with set alarms displayed on the right, while a user-friendly prompt is displayed on the left. This comes as Google Clock just launched a Play Store beta earlier this week.

The other Android tablet redesign previewed is Calculator. Today’s tablet app is actually good and user-friendly, but the upcoming update makes better use of space by showing a more complete calculation history on the left. This means that you can view old results in full and calculate new ones at the same time.

In the screenshot above, there are no obvious changes to Google Calculator (Day View) or Play Store/Translate in split-screen mode.

You can also expect big screen updates for YouTube Music, Google Maps, and News.

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