How to build your own “smokeless” fire pit

How to build your own “smokeless” fire pit

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Fire pits are often considered an inviting part of outdoor spaces – but sometimes the smoke they produce is far from inviting. Whether the lingering smell on your coat or in your hair is annoying, or you’re the person who always seems to sit where the wind blows the smoke, reducing the amount of smoke can improve the quality of your evening by the fire. AAlthough there is no such thing as a completely smokeless fire, so so-called “smokeless” fireplaces to use a doubleFuel combustion chamber system that produces significantly less smoke.

How works a smoke-free fireplace?

WhenA smokeless fire pit works by circulating air through a double-walled container into which a fire can be built. First conceived by the Dakota peoplethis simple and ingenious engineering trick can be emulated in our contemporary fire pit designs, either modifying an existing backyard pit or building a new one.

The air is heated as it passes through the outer wall and at this higher temperature more fuel is burned, releasing less residue, ash and smoke. The downside is that a hotter fire tends to conduct heat up faster than out, so it doesn’t have as much radiant heat as a traditional fire pit; but IIt still has the dancing flames and warm lightand you will still feel some warmth from it Fire.

What you must make a smoke-free fire pit

For this project you will need:

  • Adrill with a Metal drill bits
  • EEither an existing ferrule fire pit or a 20-quart and a 16-liter pot (excl a lid for the 20-quart Pot)
  • A jigsaw with a metal blade
  • A sturdy pair metal scissors or a grinder (to build a new smokeless fireplace without the stone structure)
  • A metal file (to blunt the edges of your holes and cut metal parts)
  • A heavy pair Gloves for metalworking
  • Ssafety goggles
  • EAr protection

How to change one existing traditional fireplace

For your existing pit, remove that metal ring from the pit and use it to widen the base it is about 1 inch from the outside of the metal hearth ring about enough room for your finger to fit between the outside wall of your pit and the ring, enough to allow air to flow around the outside.

Once you have laid your first layer of stone or brickyou need to create some clearances to allow air to flow into the gap. Some people split their rocks at the base to make an inlet hole about every foot or so around the perimeter of your pit. If you’re using bricks, you can use half a brick with a space on each side every other or third brick. Then you can completely rebuild the outer wall of your fireplace.

Next you need to drill holes in the fireplace ring. Use your drill and metal bit to drill a hole around each foot, about 2.5 cm from the top edge of your metal ring. You should use your safety gear for this part to prevent this from happening metal splinters. Use your file to smooth the edges of the drilled holes and remove any leftover barbs. PString your ring back in your fireplace and you are done.

how to build new smoke-free fireplace

To build a new smokeless metal fireplace, take the lid of your 20-Quart pot and use the bottom of your smaller pot to draw a circle in the center of the underside of the lid with a permanent marker. Put on your safety gear and Use your grinder with a clipped blade, drill, and jigsaw with a metal blade (or drill and tin snips) to cut out the center of the lid of the larger pot. Use the file to smooth the edges of your hole and your smaller pot should fit into the larger pot’s lid, leaving about an inch of space between the two.

Next, drill holes about every three inches, one inch from the top of the smaller pot and one inch from the bottom of your larger pot. Use your metal file to remove any barbs and smooth the edges of the holes. If you then put the two pots together, you have a small smokeless stove. Make sure you don’t place your stove on a heat-sensitive surface so you don’t start a fire outside of your pit.

This method works with any pair of containers with a similar size ratio as a 20- up to 16-quart ratio. On a larger model, metal trash cans will work, also.

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