Kendrick Lamar – Aunt Diaries Lyrics

Kendrick Lamar – Aunt Diaries Lyrics

Lyrics of Aunt Diaries

[Intro: Kendrick Lamar & Eckhart Tolle]
The heart plays in ways that the mind cannot figure out
The heart plays in a way the mind cannot—
The heart plays in ways that the mind cannot figure out
This is how we introduce ourselves to people

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
My aunt is now a man
I think I’m old enough now to understand
She’s drinking Paul Masson with her hat tilted back
Motorola pager, Off-White Guess jacket
Blue Air Max’s, gold chains and curl kits
’93 Nissan wax work, the earliest
Great social, great personality, vocally
Literally played underground and stayed local
My aunt is now a man
I watch him and his girl hold hands
Top of the avenues made under street lamps
Thinking, “I want a bad bitch when I grow up”
They hug on the corner like the California king
Cold hand in her skirt, cars whistling down the street
See, my aunt is a man now, easy bragging
Scratch off likes from the lottery
Hoping she’ll show up tomorrow
So I can hang out in the passenger seat
Six by nines keeps the music going underneath me
My aunt is now a man
My mother asked why my uncles don’t like him so much
And at the parties why they always want to fight him like that
She said: “Can’t say
Niggas was always jealous ’cause he had more wives
More money and more attention made for more envy
Calling him anything but broke was less offensive.”

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
My aunt is now a man
I think I’m old enough now to understand
She’s drinking Paul Masson with her hat tilted back
Back when saying “fag” was a comedic relief
Fagot, fagot, fagot, we don’t know any better
Elementary school children, however, without a filter

My aunt became a man and I was proud of it
She wasn’t gay, she ate pussy and that was the difference
That’s what I told my friends in second grade
She picks me up from school, they stare at her face
They couldn’t understand what I was used to

We pull off Quik like it’s nothing
My aunt is a man now, what a relationship
I grew up fast, I didn’t need anyone to babysit
He gave me some cash and then some play
Cherry freshener on the dash, never complained
She even cut my hair on the pad, loved my fade
The first person I saw wrote a rap
My life changed then
House full of demonstration, smoke sticks to the window
Cameras on the microphone, but all women and men
My aunt was a man now, we cool with it
The story had leaked down and left us ignorant
My favorite cousin said he’ll return the favor
And followed my aunt with the same demeanor

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
Demetrius is now Mary-Ann
He is more confident in living his plan now
But the family is incredulous this time
Convince yourself: “He does not live discreetly, he is fine”
They said they never saw it on him, but I saw it
The Barbie dolls played the reflection of Venus
He built a wall so high that it was impossible to climb over it
He didn’t laugh so much when the kids started joking
“Fag, fag, fag”, we don’t know any better
Middle school kids, however, without a filter
I had to take care of my good cousin very much
I knew exactly who he was, but I still loved him

[Verse 4: Kendrick Lamar]
Demetrius is now Mary-Ann
I mean, he really is Mary-Ann, went even further
Changed his gender before Bruce Jenner was sure
Live your truth, even if it means seeing a surgeon

We didn’t speak for a while, he seemed more distant
Wasn’t comfortable around me, everything was offensive

But I remember we both had a sick sense of humor
Made raw, but time changes everything

[Verse 5: Kendrick Lamar]
Demetrius is now Mary-Ann
Remember Church, Easter Sunday?
I sat in the pew, you had more faith
More spiritual when these guys lived straight lives
Which I found ironic because the pastor didn’t see him that way
He said my cousin was going through some things
He promised that the world we live in is an act against abominations
And Demetrius was to blame
I knew you were conflicted by a preacher’s feelings
I wonder if God still calls you a decent man
Yet you found the courage to be submissive just to anoint
Until he singled you out to prove his point by saying

[Verse 6: Kendrick Lamar]
“Demetrius is now Mary-Ann
Church, his aunt is a man now,” it hurt
You most because your faith was close to his words
Make me stand up now
I said, “Lord Preacher, are we supposed to love your neighbor?
Laws of the land or of the heart, which is greater?
I recognize the course you was taught from birth
But that doesn’t justify the feelings my cousin has kept.”
The building was thinking out loud, evil angel
Then you looked at me and smiled, said “thank you”
The day I chose humanity over religion
The family drew closer, everything was forgiven
I said the F-bombs, I don’t know any better
Falsely I don’t think you would know it any other way
You see, I was taught that words are just a sound
If they were ever spoken without intention
The second you challenged the shit I kicked
Reminded me of a show I did in town
Back then I brought a fan onto the stage to rap
But frowned upon the word she couldn’t say with me
They said, “Kendrick, there’s no room for argument
To really understand love, switch positions
‘Fag, fag, fag’ we can say together
But only if you let a white girl say ‘nigga’.”

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