Patti Lupone’s hypocritical privilege turns her into a masked Karen

Patti Lupone’s hypocritical privilege turns her into a masked Karen

Create another celebrity COVID hypocrite: musical theater great turns out to be (maskless) scolding mask Karen.

A viral video shows the Tony and Grammy winner yelling at a patron who refuses to dress up after a performance of “Company” at the American Theater Wing. But LuPone wasn’t wearing a mask when she scolded. Color us shocked.

Yes, she did a Q-and-A after the show. She probably wanted her face to be seen and her speech to be understood. But the politics of the theater where she performed requires masking.

So why not she? Does being on a stage mean you can’t make others sick?

LuPone’s apparent hypocrisy was greeted with a wave of pathetic seal-clapping. But it is typical of the behavior of politicians, celebrities and other elites since the pandemic began.

Watch Mayor Eric Adams carve out a miles-wide celebrity exemption in NYC’s private sector Vax mandate. Or AOC smiles for a glamor shot at the Met Gala with a squadron of masked servers in the background. Or the disgraced ex-Prime Minister Andrew Cuomo, who announces that he wanted to host Thanksgiving dinner after telling the rest of us folks not to do that.

As years of data now make abundantly clear, restrictive mandates do nothing, good or bad, for broader COVID outcomes. New York has gone from massive restrictions and sky-high COVID deaths to almost no restrictions and steadily fall Death and hospitalization rates – which remain low during the current “fifth wave”.

That’s because of vaccines, rising natural immunity, a better understanding of COVID among physicians, and the therapeutics that are now coming to market.

not Mask or vaccination requirements. Remember, our results are almost identical to Florida, which never took the same restrictive path.

What the LuPone video shows for the umpteenth time is that the mighty love hygiene theater. And privileged petty bullies will continue to unconsciously blame others for breaking rules they only follow when they feel like it, until our officials, elected or not, show some spine by killing our latest COVID rules and these end anti-scientific farce once and for all.

Otherwise the masks are Karens never go away.

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