Young Thug’s Lawyers Submit Emergency Bail, Call His Accommodation ‘Inhuman’, ‘Excruciating’ – WSB-TV Channel 2

Young Thug’s Lawyers Submit Emergency Bail, Call His Accommodation ‘Inhuman’, ‘Excruciating’ – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA — Young Thug’s attorneys have filed an emergency motion for a bail hearing or a “more humane/non-torturous remand placement,” saying he was wrongly charged.

The application was filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on Friday.

The rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Williams, was arrested on Monday at a home in Buckhead on a sweeping charge against a gang that also named 27 others. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said the people named in the indictment are members of the Young Slime Life gang, which has been involved in criminal activity in the city since 2012.

The 88-page indictment provides a detailed account of various crimes alleged by YSL members, and documents social media posts and rap lyrics related to YSL.

Williams is accused of violating the state Racketeers Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and participating in a criminal street gang.

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The rapper was initially sentenced to the Fulton County Jail but moved to Cobb County for his safety.

In the new filing, lawyers called the conditions Williams is being held in “inhumane” and said he is being held in solitary confinement in a windowless cement room “as if he were a forgotten person alone in the world.”

“Mr Williams is being held in a small cement area. Lights on at all times. He is given inedible food Williams’ lawyer Brian Steel told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne. “He has no contact with anyone except for his advice. “

Lawyers said the lights are left on 24 hours a day, preventing the rapper from sleeping and that he has no access to media of any kind. They said he had no opportunity to exercise, shower or have human interactions other than his attorney.

The Cobb County Sheriff said he is being held in administrative solitary confinement for his own safety, and the lights are staying on for officers to check in and make sure he’s okay.

“He will be rehabilitated, but that’s wrong,” Steel said. “He will be treated the same as the person next to him who was arrested, convicted of murder and sentenced to death.”


Williams filed an application for the bond on Tuesday but has not yet received an appointment.

“The failure to schedule a bail hearing for this innocent man, coupled with the inhuman and unconstitutional treatment of Mr. Williams, requires this honorable court to grant bail until a hearing can be held,” lawyers wrote, alternatively asking, “Williams is.” not being held in isolation and being allowed access to televisions, windows, showers and other environments that pre-trial detainees are normally given.”

Steel said his client needed to be held under better conditions.

In the new filing, attorneys said Young Thug was simply exercising his freedom of speech and doing his job, but that “the state is attempting to insinuate criminal behavior from quotes from song lyrics and social media posts.”

They allege that Williams’ arrest was a violation of his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, which protect freedom of speech and expression.

The filing also disputes the district attorney’s claims that Williams once rented a car that was later used in a murder.

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“There is no grand jury allegation that Mr. Williams had knowledge of this crime, knew that this rented vehicle would be used in an alleged crime, or that Mr. Williams was involved in this alleged crime,” attorneys said.

Attorneys argue that Williams should be given the opportunity to post bail because he is not a convicted felon, is not at risk of absconding, is not a danger to the community, is not at risk of committing a crime while on bail, or is at risk to bribe someone before the trial.

Lawyers wrote:

The Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Vedas and all similar texts of mankind, as well as any person with a consciousness would understand that a person (in this case Mr. Williams) lives in America in an original colony under these conditions, if he has no criminal record, denies any allegation of wrongdoing, has never been anything but cooperative, lawful and peaceful in dealings with authorities, and is presumed innocent, false, unlawful and unconscionable. Mr Williams is being unlawfully and horribly mistreated by the authorities.


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