Hulu kills Marvel’s MODOK

Hulu kills Marvel’s MODOK


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Tragic news in the super villain community today, eh diversity reports that MODOK has now been transformed into MODOFGCBH, i.e. the mental organism designed only to be canceled by Hulu.

That’s right: The stop-motion animated series was killed on the streaming service after just a single season on air, doing what so many rival supervillains, wannabe-scientist Supreme and time-traveling duplicates or Corporate shenanigans couldn’t: Defeat MODOK forever.

The series, based on the Marvel comic villain of the same name, was produced by Stoopid Buddy, the same studio behind the stop-motion animated hit robot chicken on adult swimming. The show starred Patton Oswalt as MODOK, leader of the nefarious AIM who must balance his ambitions to become the world’s best supervillain with his wish have a normal family life.

There were a few different things that were increased MODOK Beyond typical animated superhero fare, really, the most prominent was that the people who wrote the show, including Oswalt, were clearly obsessive Marvel fans who took pleasure in cramming as much comic book craziness into each episode as possible. (Nowhere else are we likely to get appearances from the likes of Hexus, The Living Corporation, or Angar The Screamer – the latter voiced by a game Bill Hader. We could Get a version of Arcade and Murderworld at some point depending on the fates of Marvel X-Men Properties, but probably not as cheerfully funny as MODOK‘s.)

It was also just plain aggressively inventive and fun, something demonstrated in one early clip showing a fight between MODOK and AIM rival Monica Rappacciniwhich was essentially a good old-fashioned “wizard duel” sequence, except with absurd stop motion Superscience instead of magic spells.

Oswalt briefly praised the series on Twitter today, calling it “a great experience.”

The series starred Aimee Garcia, Ben Schwartz, Melissa Fumero, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Beck Bennett, Jon Daly and Sam Richardson.

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