LumaFusion video editor runs on a Chromebook

LumaFusion video editor runs on a Chromebook

While the Google I/O 2022 keynote absolutely captivated us all yesterday, we cannot forget the myriad of other sessions made available to wrap it up. Additionally, the Day 2 sessions also went live today, giving us all sorts of additional information for the rest of the week from Google I/O 2022. In those sessions, some were specifically geared towards ChromeOS and Chromebooks, and in the session titled What’s new in ChromeOS, We got some cool information about upcoming features that we expect to see soon.


But there was one other tidbit in this session that caught my attention yesterday: a highlight on LumaFusion — the upcoming video editor ported to Android — on a Chromebook. It was one of the few featured apps that Google wanted to highlight for ChromeOS, but as many of you know at this point, The arrival of LumaFusion on Chromebooks is a big deal. This isn’t just a cool new app: it’s a game changer in the making.

You can read our thoughts on LumaFusion on Chromebooks in our original post, but this new session is the first real look we have at the software actually running on a Chromebook. While we’re not sure how much longer we’ll have to wait, we’re confident that once the app finally comes to ChromeOS, it’ll be 100% worth the wait. For what it’s worth, the presentation states that LumaFusion is coming to ChromeOS “soon”. While that’s not a hard date, it’s not a “by the end of the year” date either.

For now, just watch the app in motion in the video below and know that Google wouldn’t have strategically placed it in this session if it wasn’t close to release. When LumaFusion arrives, it will be the first real solution for proper video editing on Chromebooks, and when it’s put on Chromebooks alongside Steam, it’ll fill one of the bigger gaps in the ChromeOS app ecosystem right now. We can’t wait for it to arrive and I’m sure many of you out there can’t either.

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