Married… with kids coming back as an animated series for some damn reason

Married… with kids coming back as an animated series for some damn reason

Ed O'Neill and Katey Sagal

Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal
photo: Fox Broadcasting/Courtesy of Getty Images

Married with children has always proven kind of an odd place in the cultural landscape – too crass to categorize with you roseannes in the bucket “blue-collar sitcom masterpiece,” but too loaded with undeniable comedy Talent (and too directly successful) to be dismissed without notice. Though the series ran for 259 episodes from 1987 to 1997, it’s largely disappeared from the wider conversation…until now!

That’s right folks: Cue up “Bad To The Bone,” and also all your jokes about not wanting to have sex with your wife because Married with children is coming back – now in animated form for some reason. This is per meetingwho reports this family Guy Producer is Alex Carter dished up to serve as showrunner. But more important is the news moving this thing from “Jesus Christ, why?” to “Well…okay, let’s wait and see”: The revelation of series stars Ed O’Neill, Katey SatgalChristina AppleGate and, yes, David Faustino are all there Board to voice their respective bundys.

Presumably spurred on by the fact that Sagal and O’Neill have been reliable TV performers, especially in the 25 years since the show went off air – and the endless necromantic urges, buried deep in the hearts of TV execs everywhere who’ve never met a recognizable brand they wouldn’t want to lug around, Murphy Brown-style, from his peaceful gravemeeting reported that the show is networks and streamers and is met with great interest.”

From the outside we can somehow understand the decision to be animated with it; though Faustino reportedly almost got Sony to bite into a spin-off titled centered on his character a few years ago bud– Proof, if nothing else, of how bad the remake fever has gotten in recent years – an animated show would allow audiences to check in with the Bundys if they remember them, ie, a nuclear family in permanent meltdown. (Also: Most of the cast members are pretty busy most of the time, so the animation would obviously be easier on their schedule.)

The original Married with children still streaming on Hulu and Peacock; The series was late an early hit for Fox 80s and helped popularize what was then a new network.

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