Putin ‘very ill’ with cancer, other health problems: Ukrainian official

Putin ‘very ill’ with cancer, other health problems: Ukrainian official

A Ukrainian official announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “very ill” with cancer and other diseases, the latest claim as rumors about Putin’s health surfaced.

Speculation that Putin is ill has circulated since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in February, as many have been quick to point to instances where the Russian strongman looked pale or sickly.

Recently, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, Major General Kyrylo Budanov, told Sky News that Putin is in “very bad mental and physical condition and he is very ill”.

He added that Putin had “cancer and other diseases,” and when Sky News asked if he was just spreading propaganda, Budanov replied, “It’s my job, it’s my work, if not me, who will know?”

The Kremlin has consistently insisted that Putin is in good health, and news week could not independently verify these claims.

Budanov added in his interview that Russia “suffered heavy losses in manpower and armaments and I can say that many of the crews abandoned their equipment when the artillery attacks took place.”

He added that fighting in Ukraine will end by the end of the year and Russia’s defeat in Ukraine “will eventually lead to a change in leadership in the Russian Federation. This process has already started and they are moving in this direction. “

On Wednesday, Putin’s absence from a hockey game he normally plays in fueled further speculation that he was unwell, as he instead gave players and attendees a video address. And last week a claim was made on Telegram about the Russian President saying that he was preparing for cancer surgery.

This is not the first suspicion that Putin has had surgery, and the Kremlin has previously denied that Putin had surgery related to thyroid cancer, online outlet The Moscow Times reported April 1.

Theresa Fallon, founder and director of the Center for Russia-Europe-Asia Studies (CREAS) in Brussels, said The Independent,”[Mr Putin] has always tried to emphasize his fitness and strength, which are part of his brand. Illness does not fit Putin’s strongman narrative, which the Kremlin has carefully cultivated over the years. So I’m wondering if there’s really something else going on behind the scenes.”

A Ukrainian official revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “cancer and other diseases,” while the Kremlin continues to deny claims he is ill. Above: Putin leaves Red Square after the Victory Day military parade in central Moscow on May 9, 2022.

However, while speculation continues, some believe that instances of Putin looking shaky or ill are just drama. Olga Lautmann, Senior Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis, tells news week In a previous report: “I think Putin coming out showing symptoms of illness was more theatrics and distraction. If Putin was really sick, he wouldn’t want people around him to know.”

Concerns about Putin’s health were last raised after his appearance at the May 9 Victory Day parade, where he covered his legs with a blanket and appeared to be holding the podium tightly as he addressed the audience.

news week has reached out to the Russian Defense Ministry and the Kremlin for comment.

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