Video shows people falling to the ground as a water slide collapses at an Indonesian amusement park

Video shows people falling to the ground as a water slide collapses at an Indonesian amusement park

Video captured by a park visitor shows the terrifying moment when a 10-meter-tall water slide collapsed, sending several people falling to the ground.

In a 17 second clip of the incident that was shared on Facebook from Indonesian social media content outlet Noodou, parts of the water slide can be seen falling to the ground accompanied by a torrent of water. Several victims scream as they fall to the ground as a crowd rushes to help.

The incident occurred on May 7th in Kenjeran Park in Surabaya, Indonesia.

It was originally reported that nine people had fallen from the waterslide in the collapse, including a child with head injuries; However, later reports revealed that 16 people, mostly children, had sustained injuries, suffering at least three broken bones. No deaths were reported.

While Indonesian media reported that the collapse may have been due to prolonged use of the waterslide, a park spokesman later contradicted this speculation, stating that the ride had been regularly maintained and a scheduled maintenance had been completed nine months before the incident. He believes that the water slide was overloaded with a maximum capacity of 5-10 people.

The incident is currently under investigation and the amusement park was closed the following day. Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi said the park administration would be held responsible for the accident and medical compensation for the victims.

“The Surabaya city government will provide trauma healing assistance to all victims, which will be carried out by the offices,” Cahyadi said per Daily Star. “You will be followed until your full recovery.”

Surabaya Deputy Mayor Armuji also called for all other amusement parks in the East Java capital to be inspected immediately to prevent similar accidents in the future.

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