God of War creator David Jaffe has hit out at Xbox boss Phil Spencer

God of War creator David Jaffe has hit out at Xbox boss Phil Spencer

It’s become a cliché to refer to how long it’s been since Bethesda Game Studios released a new game. Still, after the stunning start of certainly, the studio’s performance feels like it’s been slowed to a crawl Fallout 76 in 2018. That’s hoping Xbox Bethesda’s acquisition could spur things on, also appears to have fallen through as Bethesda is delaying two of its biggest games until next year.

Many people are understandably upset at the news that Bethesda is delaying starfield and redfall. Likewise, not everyone is happy with Phil Spencer’s comments on the subject. One of those people is God of War Creator David Jaffe, who said the Xbox boss “needed to do some therapy”.


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Bethesda recently announced that it is delaying what is to come starfield and redfall until sometime in the first half of 2023. Xbox boss Phil Spencer commented on the delays shortly thereafter. He tweeted: “These decisions are tough for the teams making the games and for our fans. While I fully support giving teams time to release these great games when they are ready, we do hear the feedback. It is expected to deliver quality and consistency, and we will continue to work to better meet those expectations.” However, The God of War Creator David Jaffe wasn’t impressed by Phil Spencer’s statement, as he felt a single tweet was way beyond the point where it would have sufficed.

Jeff was pretty hard on the Xbox Head during his 3 hour YouTube live stream yesterday. “You suck Phil Spencer,” the veteran game developer said after reading Spencer’s tweet on stream, “You’re me when I was 28.” Jaffe compared Spencer’s current situation to his time working on a never-released project for Sony. He explained that it took him a while to understand that having commercially viable ideas and knowing how to design a game isn’t always the same as knowing how to actually produce one.

Jaffe argued that while he thinks Spencer is a great planner and true visionary, the Xbox head is simply unsuitable for his position. Jaffe clarified that he doesn’t want Phil Spencer fired, but that Xbox urgently needs to find someone who can better manage development. Jaffe acknowledges that the delays of starfield and redfall likely came from Bethesda’s own internal troubles, dating back well before Microsoft took over the publisher. However, Jaffe argues that it is Spencer’s responsibility to resolve these issues as the head of Xbox. Additionally, Jaffe feels that Spencer is not doing enough to ensure Microsoft’s games are released on time.

While this may seem harsh, Jaffe argues that Bethesda’s delays are not an isolated case. He mentions making similar criticisms after the delay Halo infinity forced to launch the Xbox Series X and Series S without much exclusivity. Additionally, these delays leave significant gaps in Xbox’s release schedule, which Jaffe says is unsustainable in the modern AAA gaming industry.

According to Jaffe, a single major lag during the PS2/Original Xbox era may not have been an issue. However, that was because consoles could usually fall back to a different major version, which is no longer the case. Jaffe believes this is going to be a big problem for Xbox and that Spencer’s leadership is to blame.

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