Star Inn at Vogue slaps back at the magazine after a terse letter

Star Inn at Vogue slaps back at the magazine after a terse letter

It’s a fashion faux pas.

The UK version of swanky Vogue magazine is in the public eye after it sent a cease and desist letter to the owner of the Star Inn at Vogue in the rural hamlet of Vogue, England.

“We are concerned that the name you are using will cause problems as the general public is likely to infer a connection between your business and ours,” Sabine Vandenbroucke, chief operating officer of British Vogue publisher Conde Nast Britain, wrote in an obnoxious letter to pub owner Mark Graham.

The small-town landlord fought back against the media conglomerate, winning rave reviews for his witty but fierce defense of Vogue’s village honor — and its history, which predates the magazine’s founding by hundreds of years.

“I note in your letter that you have only existed since 1916 and I assume that at the time you chose the name Vogue in the capitalized version you did not seek the permission of the real Vogue villagers,” wrote Graham. as reported by CornwallLive.

Mark Graham
Mark Graham is the owner of the Star Inn at Vogue.
James Dadzitis / SWNS
Mark Graham, owner of the Star Inn at Vogue
Graham clapped back at the magazine and asked if they asked the villagers of Vogue, England for permission when choosing their name.
James Dadzitis / SWNS

“I also take it that Madonna didn’t ask for your permission to use the word Vogue (again, the capitalized version) for her 1990s song of the same name.”

One person on social media suggested that the magazine should rename itself “Vague” to avoid future confusion with the village; Another remarked that it was ridiculous to think “some people could mistake a pub for a magazine”. Others suggested the village protect its brand identity.

Lee Bowles noted that the magazine gave the pub invaluable publicity.

“What a brilliant ad! Will definitely visit this pub next time I’m in the area,” he wrote.

“There’s always too many instances where the big boys are trying to stomp on the little boys and as soon as I realized what they were trying to do I was like, ‘You don’t have me, my pretty one,'” Graham told The British Broadcaster itv.

Vogue is a hamlet in St Day Parish (pop. 4,400), Cornwall, about 250 miles west of London.

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