Ish Wainright on the Suns’ return, when the NFL career was fried and Game 7

Forward Ish Wainright officially signed his contract to return to the Phoenix Suns on Thursday, giving the team room for internal growth with more continuity on the backend of the roster.

It’s a big deal for the former basketball mate, who played for three German teams before impressing with the Toronto Raptors last summer, eventually joining the Suns midway through the year before his two-way contract won’t be converted into a standard deal to make the active playoff roster. .

“Perseverance. I had a lot of obstacles, I had a lot of closed doors in my life,” Wainright said Bickley and Marotta of Arizona Sports Friday morning. “Especially being able to play in the NBA. The guys are preparing to travel overseas in the next few days. I talk to these guys. They’re excited, but they’re also like, “Man, I wish I could stay.” You know?

“Just being able to stay in the United States and play in front of millions of people in the United States and especially now on the Suns is a dream come true.”

Wainright touched on a few additional topics on Bickley and Marotta including how he thinks the Suns reacted to their Game 7 loss and his brief career as a professional footballer.

Yes he watched game 7

How Phoenix erases their 123-90 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference or Navy semifinals in these shocking May memories — good or bad — will be among the early storylines at the start of the 2022-23 season.

Wainright admitted that he personally did not rule out the result.

“I watched it, amazingly I watched it,” he said. “But hey, it’s basketball and things happen, to be honest with you. Things happen. We have a bad game, everyone has a bad game. It’s just the game that went the most We had a lot of bad games up to (this point), but this game was the last.

“I don’t think we’ll be done until we get back on the pitch as a team. This will be our main focus for the start of the season.

No, he was not feeling well in his football career

Wainright’s journey after leaving Baylor included a 2018 training camp with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills.

And though Wainright had a brief career at Baylor as a tight end, he knew his pro career wasn’t going to last, well, when the whistle sounded after the first game of unpadded camp.

“I was supposed to cut the D-end,” Wainright said. “But I found myself 15 meters down, on the opposite side (of the field). I was taking drugs through my helmet. … I slap him but he still has my helmet. He lets go, the whistle blows, I run to the (caucus)…and I say (quarterback) Josh Allen, ‘I don’t know if this is for me, bro. I do not know. This guy literally dragged me the wrong way.

“He said, ‘Yeah, I saw it. I thought you were actually going for the pass. … And after that, I was done. I was done with that.

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