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Hello Mike. With Wes off to Canton, can we expect a dizzying drop in meal thefts or should intern Jen be watching hers over the next few days?

Trainee lunches are prohibited. It would be cruel.

Dean of Leavenworth, IN

Question about the PUP list. Although they are not allowed to participate in field activities, are they allowed to attend meetings and participate in class?

Not sure if you’re still getting emails regarding pre-season playing time, but now you can just reply with a link to Aaron’s locker room interview on Wednesday with a focus on listening around the 13 1/2 minute mark. Aaron, in his eloquent way, has perfectly explained why front row players, especially attacking players, shouldn’t be near the pitch during pre-season.

Also why veteran players don’t need to be.

Steve from Bloomington, IN

So what did the JUGS machine do that made “punts” nearly impossible to catch and is it something Pat O’Donnell could learn to do?

Ha, no. The machine was shooting punts so high and with such an insane amount of spin that returners didn’t stand a chance. No bettor, not even Ray Guy, could copy what the machine was doing. It was totally unrealistic. On Wednesday (indoors) and Thursday (outdoors), the machine(s) weren’t so out of whack.

Kurt from Traverse City, Michigan

Team spirit is a philosophy, not a matter of waiting for games to be played. Lists may seem fluid, perhaps even changing daily, but the attitude and approach should be consistent. Successful companies do not change their methodology from day to day. So I ask again: what do you think is Gutey’s approach to team building? Focus on the immediate and close at hand, or the long term, particularly regarding the current WR group and how PS decisions might be made? Analyze and inform; do not avoid.

No one is avoiding your question. This is not a simple multiple choice answer. It’s all of the above. All of GM constantly weighs the here and now against the future with acquisitions, roster decisions, and the like. Different circumstances lead to different conclusions at different times. Before and during training camp, when the final spots on the 90-man roster can change a bit, it’s all in the moment. But almost at all other times, all angles are weighed and there’s no single “philosophy” – other than trying to strike the right balance – that answers every call.

Venny from Montgomery, AL

Sam from Germantown, WI gave me a lot of laughs with the Greg Jennings TD reference. Speaking of Jennings, how do you think Romeo Doubs compares? I remember Spoff mentioning how polished Jennings looked as a rookie early on. It may have just been a reference to his running, but he looked like he belonged from the start.

Wes had to educate me on that “Madden” reference, so I guess I learned something. Strong first impressions of Jennings and Doubs don’t really compare because different attributes stood out, at least to me. For Jennings, it was the running road—so smooth, crisp, and polished right off the bat. With Doubs, it’s his (damn) strong hands and frame, especially the way he positions himself and fights for contested holds.

It must be very difficult for a young player to keep racking up success. Can you tell us how Roméo Doubs handles all the positive press and the pressure of the spotlight?

He is very calm and reserved in my minimal interactions with him. I think he’d rather not have the media attention, to be honest.

Hello Mike and Wes! I heard an ESPN radio host say today that the rookie who should feel the most pressure to succeed immediately this year is Christian Watson. Part of his rationale was that he overheard Aaron Rodgers praising Romeo Doubs for his play so far in training camp and Aaron was probably texting Watson with that statement. Do you think Aaron’s compliment to Doubs would send a subliminal message to Watson or any other young receiver?

Goodness no. Did this radio host know that Watson is not currently training due to a knee injury?

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