Justin Fields, agitated, seems to be fed up with the offensive criticism

Justin Fields is not outwardly emotional. His personality appears to be balanced. However, don’t be fooled. The young quarterback is subject to moods like everyone else. He usually keeps it under control, but there are times when he lets it slip a bit. It is usually reserved for teammates who mess up their field assignments. Sometimes, however, the press sees him during his press conferences.

The Chicago Bears offense has come under fire since practice began in May. National media and large sections of the fanbase believe they may be the least capable group the team has assembled in years. Every little mistake they made during minicamps in the first week of training camp is magnified by people who say it’s a harbinger of things to come. Fields, for his part, is fed up.

Although he understands that people are free to have their opinions, he quickly points out that none of them understand what happens during practices. Often when people are looking for big plays, it’s when the offense is playing situational football. This is what makes the judgment of the offense right now unfair.

Justin Fields also provided a perfect example.

On Monday’s first padded practice, the Bears played a play where wide receiver N’Keal Harry ran a road that saw him wide open in the right corner of the end zone. Fields knocked him down. Immediate critics said it was a serious mistake by the quarterback. The next day, when asked about it, Fields revealed that it was the first time the offense had played that particular game in camp. His mission was to start looking left at the snap. He hadn’t expected Harry to get this opening and was late on the pitch.

It goes back to a quarterback with no experience in a new offensive system. It’s still in the learning phase of what it’s supposed to do. There were always instances where he was behind on certain readings, leading to misunderstandings like that. Justin Fields had a second chance to execute the same play soon after and executed it perfectly.

He wants the offense to perform at a high level more than anyone. Still, Fields understands it was always going to be a process. Expecting instant results was naïve. The best thing for Bears fans to do is seek incremental progress. Small victories. These should multiply as the regular season approaches. If those same fatal flaws exist by November or January, people are free to say what they want.

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