Kyle Lowry becomes the latest to rip Chris Broussard

The Toronto Raptors have been connected to big names this offseason, including Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell. The former prompted some truly baffling quotes from Chris Broussard, particularly regarding his desire to play for the only Canadian team in the league.

Broussard was criticized for his comments about playing in Toronto as an African-American man. Broussard’s paper-thin guess, which was admittedly based on sources he had before Masai Ujiri arrived, was shot down by former Raptors like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Norman Powell.

Kyle Lowry wasn’t going to sit idly by and let the place he’s called home for so long be unfairly maligned by someone who doesn’t have the same experience of the city as he does. On Vince Carter’s “VC Show,” Lowry went on Broussard for his unusual comments.

“I’m a black African American from 20th and Lehigh in North Philadelphia [and] I love Toronto,” Lowry said. “Caribbean culture in Canada alone is ridiculous. I appreciate how [Toronto] is the crucible of Canada. You can find any race, any nationality mixed with any nationality in Canada. It’s incredible.”

Toronto Raptors: Kyle Lowry attacked Chris Broussard.

Lowry shockingly added that there were times in Toronto where he considered leaving, but that was due to the situation around him rather than the discomfort of playing in the city. If Toronto somehow manages to pull off this complicated Durant trade, he would be treated as an absolute king in Canada.

If Broussard said a player like Durant might not want to come to Toronto because of taxes, business opportunities, or a simple belief that he doesn’t think a burnt-out Raptors team can compete for a championship, it might at least be somewhat defensible. position.

To say that Canada is inherently biased, and then not really defending or backtracking on that statement after being blasted on Twitter, is confusing to say the least. Those who have played in Canada rebuked that quote in the strongest possible terms.

While we wouldn’t want to put this question to bed once and for all, Broussard’s comments are likely to get a good deal of attention until the Raptors declare themselves firmly out of the hunt for these two stars. Until then, current and former Raptors will be getting photos.

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