Lakers, Knicks and Jazz discussed the blockbuster trade that brought Donovan Mitchell to New York

The Los Angeles Lakers are at a crossroads. In its current construction, it’s unclear how competitive the team can be next season. Russell Westbrook might need a new home. LeBron James is still thinking about his future.

A new report from Michael Scotto of HoopsHype suggests the Lakers aren’t taking the moment lightly. According to Scotto, Los Angeles discussed a monster trade with New York and Utah that would radically revamp the Lakers roster.

Good front offices are constantly making calls and exchanging ideas. As Scotto noted, this proposal from a few weeks ago, and LA, New York and Utah are all evaluating their respective options on a number of opportunities. That being said, let’s dive into this interesting trade rumor.

According to Scotto, the proposal in question would send Russell Westbrook to Utah. From there, the former MVP would have his contract bought out. The Jazz would also receive a “significant” capital project.

Donovan Mitchell would land with the Knicks in this scenario, one of many proposals and rumors sending Mitchell to New York. Utah would also trade two of the following players to the Lakers: Patrick Beverly, Jordan Clarkson, Bojan Bogdanovic or Malik Beasley.

The above would also require the Knicks to cut some salary either in this move or in a separate deal to absorb Mitchell’s $30.4 million contract. Sending players like Derrick Rose or Evan Fournier could help make that possible.

There are other permutations a trade between the Lakers, Knicks and Jazz could take. LA is reportedly interested in Cam Reddish, a Klutch client who was nearly sent to the Lakers last season. The reddish could end up in a version of this chord.

Likewise, the Knicks have their eyes on Malik Beasley. New York senior basketball adviser Gersson Rosas originally recruited Beasley from Minnesota a few years ago.

As Scotto reported, trading Russell Westbrook in a move like this will likely see LA drop both their 2027 first-round pick and their 2029 first-round pick. Utah faces similar difficulties trying to move veteran point guard Mike Conley.

That the Lakers are facilitating a hit trade rather than serving as a focal point is interesting. Perhaps Los Angeles could look to make minor adjustments rather than swinging for the fences.



The story originally appeared on LeBron Wire

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