Los Angeles Dodgers honor Vin Scully during pre-game ceremony at Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES — Dodgers manager Dave Roberts ended a pregame ceremony honoring broadcaster Vin Scully by running the crowd through a chorus of Scully’s famous line, “It’s time for Dodger baseball”.

Scully, who called Dodgers games for 67 years and retired in 2016, died Tuesday at age 94.

“It shows how much the Dodger family loves Vin,” Roberts said. “It was a special moment.”

Behind a beautiful blue sky, there was a moment of silence at Dodger Stadium on Friday for the adorable Scully, followed by a video narrated by Dodgers broadcaster Charley Steiner and accompanied by the memorable version of Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo ‘ole from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Scully described a beautiful night as “a cotton candy sky with a canopy of blue.” He was the soundtrack to baseball games for generations of Dodgers fans and a masterful storyteller.

Roberts said Scully wouldn’t have liked all the attention.

“Vin, like he’s looking down on us right now, well, he hated the spotlight on him,” Roberts said. “Well, it’s going to be a very uncomfortable time right now, but he deserves it. Vin was a man of character, integrity and class, a true gentleman. He wasn’t just a Dodger. He loved the baseball game that we all love and care about.”

Dodgers and San Diego Padres players stood along the first and third base lines during the ceremony. Los Angeles uniforms featured a circular patch on the sleeve with a microphone under the name “VIN”. The same logo was painted on the back of the pitcher’s mound. Scully’s career highlights were played throughout the game.

Some of Scully’s belongings, including her World Series rings, will be on display at the stadium this season. The “Welcome to Dodger Stadium” sign outside the ballpark was engulfed in cards, flowers and tokens of affection from hundreds of fans.

When Scully called his last game at Dodger Stadium in 2016, he had a banner hanging from his booth that read, “I’m going to miss you.”

Scully told the crowd that he needed them way more than they needed him. His last visit to Dodger Stadium was on June 9, 2021.

Later in the ceremony, the Dodgers gathered at the mound for a photo with the broadcast booth in the background. There was a new banner, unveiled by broadcasters Joe Davis and former Dodger Orel Hershiser, which read, “Vin, we will miss you.”

Fans gave a standing ovation when the video ended with a shot of Scully waving from the pitch with a rainbow behind him.

“He’s the tie, the fabric between the fans and the organization,” Roberts told fans at the ceremony. “Players change, teams are different. But he was the one constant. And so every night when you turn on the game, hearing his voice was consistent. And he was the channel for many to share stories, paint pictures and call a ball game.”

The umpires gathered at home plate and looked up at the broadcast stand and tipped their caps in honor of Scully. Dodgers starter Tony Gonsolin, who never had the opportunity to meet Scully, did the same from the mound.

“Being able to start today on the first day of the ceremony, I just wanted to show my appreciation for Vin,” said Gonsolin.

The Dodgers won 8-1.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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