Los Angeles Rams’ Matthew Stafford impresses in practice, downplays ‘irritating’ elbow problem

IRVINE, Calif. — After making several deep throws and even a no-look pass in practice Saturday, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford said he felt like he could do any throw he wanted.

Stafford, who injured his elbow last season, received an injection in his right elbow during the offseason and did not pitch during spring training for the Rams.

On Thursday, coach Sean McVay said Stafford’s injury was “a bit abnormal for a quarterback” but reiterated that the Rams had planned a “modified approach and gradual build-up” with him during camp. coaching.

“I’m just a little sore,” Stafford said on Saturday. “We’re working on it. I feel pretty good today. I thought it looked pretty good. But I’m just trying to be smart with it and make myself feel as good as I can before week 1 all getting as many reps as I can too.”

Stafford declined to go into detail about his elbow pain, saying he was “just going through something irritating right now.”

“We have a great plan,” Stafford said. “I feel stronger every time I come here and throw. I don’t know if you were watching. I felt like I could do any throw I wanted today. And I just try to be smart when i get these opportunities to make sure i can come here, get loose [and] release it like I did today.”

McVay echoed Stafford’s comments about the way he threw the ball on Saturday and pointed out that he wasn’t just making short and intermediate throws, but was “pushing the ball” towards “all types of locations”. McVay also said that based on the way Stafford pitched, “I don’t think you would know anything was going on.”

“If you were watching, I don’t really know what you can ask about how Matthew feels,” McVay said. “I mean, he threw it all over the court today. He looked really good, felt good.

“We’re absolutely on track with what we were hoping for, and I think you could really see the ball jumping out of his hand. … And so I think he was trying to show you guys that you don’t you probably don’t ask a lot of questions. You can ask him either depending on how he felt and how he felt today.”

The Rams also picked up cornerback Jalen Ramsey in practice Saturday. Although Ramsey did not start training camp on the roster physically unable to perform after undergoing off-season shoulder surgery, he had previously been barred from participating in training. On Saturday, he participated in the team’s 7-on-7 fieldwork.

McVay said Ramsey “did a great job” as the Rams continued their “five-day acclimatization period.”

“I think he feels good and we will continue to increase this workload as we go,” the coach said.

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