No ‘canardage’: Stars and Blue Jackets mascots stage best fan battle

FRISCO, TX — What better way to determine which team has a better fan base than with thousands of rubber duckies?

Born out of a friendly banter between Stars mascot Victor E. Green and Blue Jackets mascot Stinger in late July, the duo called on their fans to settle the score. The competition was simple: the mascot that received the most rubber duckies would determine which team had the best fans.

Welcome to summer “mascot” days.

The origin of the competition dates back to a Twitter poll published by Stinger on July 21. But when Victor E. Green provided a mailing address, the contest became real.

Tweet from @StingerCBJ: Who would get more rubber duckies from their fans, me or @VictorEGreen… please vote below… it’s for science.

Within 24 hours, more than 2,000 rubber duckies were on their way to Stars and Blue Jackets headquarters in Frisco, Texas and Columbus, Ohio, respectively. The following Monday, Victor E. Green had 3,229 ducks in his office. As of Friday, Vic had received over 4,000 to claim victory with over 12,000 rubber duckies in total.

The massive influx of ducks tested the mettle of Vic’s colleagues.

“Every day there were more,” said a Stars employee, who wished to remain anonymous. “They were taking over, and we were severely overwhelmed. We were the protagonists of an action movie locked in a room with flooded water, but instead of water, they were ducks.

“All sizes,” the employee added. “Ducks as big as a chinchilla and as small as a thumbnail. Glitter ducks, ducks dressed up as soccer balls, ducks on singing roller coasters. They were everywhere.”

Tweet from @DallasStars: Time to ������BeReal������

Together, Victor E. Green and Stinger have accumulated over 23,000 rubber duckies. But instead of letting them sit, the mascots offer them to their local communities.

In Columbus, Stinger donates his share to a local children’s hospital and nearby health facilities for children’s visits. Vic donates them to middle school art teachers across the Metroplex for students to decorate. But it gets even better.

Teachers requesting ducks via email and collect the amount you want can choose the top three decorated Ducks from their school for a chance to win four tickets to the Stars’ home game against the Anaheim Ducks on Thursday, December 1.

Vic also holds a contest for fans to guess the number of ducks around him in a hot tub. The person closest to the total will also win a pair of tickets to the game.

For more information on Vic’s rubber duck competitions, Click here.

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