Scottie Barnes dominates Rico Hines runs

The Toronto Raptors expect big things from Scottie Barnes despite the fact that he just turned 21 a few days ago. Even if it doesn’t come this season, Barnes should overtake Pascal Siakam as this franchise’s leading scorer and eventual leader.

Even after winning Rookie of the Year and averaging 15.3 points per game, more is expected from Barnes in 2021-22. Although he was fifth on the team in shots attempted per game, Nick Nurse will likely see that number increase now that he’s a year older. Barnes is working hard to improve his game.

Rico Hines, a renowned player development guru who spent the past few years affiliated with the Kings, brought Barnes and Siakam to his famous summer runs. Alongside names like James Harden, Barnes began to show how good he was going to be in the NBA.

Barnes held a masterclass at Hines Races, showing he’s ready to be more aggressive and assertive on the offensive end in his second season in the league. Recapturing this trait could be a game-changer for a Raptors team by directly tying their future success to it.

Toronto Raptors: Scottie Barnes looks better this summer.

While Barnes has proven to be far better than anyone thought offensively as a rookie, a good chunk of his points have come on dunks and backhands near the edge. Adding to that a more diverse game away from the basket will only make it even harder to defend.

According to Barnes’ personal trainer, the Seminole alum has already bulked up to 235 pounds while staying at around 6% body fat. On a Raptors team that will ask him to defend some of the biggest and strongest names in the game, adding weight is key.

While Hines’ runs aren’t exactly played at NBA speed, the fact that Barnes is impressing in a scrimmage that features so many heavyweights should show his sophomore season has the potential to be even better than his good year. historic rookie.

Barnes seems to have a better jump shot, a higher and more effective grip and a willingness to score the basketball that he didn’t seem to have last year. All of these factors should contribute to an even better second season for Mercurial Barnes.

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