Von Miller needed better toilet paper in training camp and Buffalo Bills fans helped him

PITTSFORD, NY — Ah yes, the joys of dorm life. Small living quarters, twin mattresses and dodgy bathroom conditions.

When Von Miller went to St. John Fisher University for his first training camp with the Buffalo Bills, after signing a six-year, $120 million contract, he was reintroduced into all ins and outs. the outcomes of a stay on a university campus. For him, the changes that stood out when staying in a dorm were the beds, the lack of a TV, and the typical dorm toilet paper.

“I’m 33 and the toilet paper is different, the beds are different,” Miller said on the first day of camp. “There’s no TV in the dorm. It’s a bit different. You have to make your bed and change it and do all of that every day. It takes some getting used to, but I’m Totally agree. “

Flash forward nearly two weeks, and toilet paper is on Miller’s mind for a different reason. Namely, because he received so many. After hearing the future Hall of Famer’s press conference, Bills fans sent Miller toilet paper and wipes in college. The amount he received is overwhelming.

“I just said, ‘Hey, the toilet paper is different’ and like, boom, like boxes on boxes on boxes of toilet paper and wipes and everything,” Miller said Thursday. “Everyone is just trying to make my time here a lot easier, man. I just wanna say publicly, man, I appreciate you all and I’m grateful for that.”

Miller said he didn’t expect toilet paper to actually arrive on his doorstep.

Packages that are sent to Bills players in St. John Fisher are brought to the players’ rooms. Around 10 large boxes are delivered daily to the team. Gifts from players’ agents are common, and items are sent from the Orchard Park, New York, facility and locker room to the college campus team.

“They just send it to Von Miller, Buffalo Bills,” Bills football administration and operations coordinator Ryan Moore said. “My interns catch it, because they go through the mail every day and deliver it to the guys’ rooms. It’s as simple as that.”

Moore said players also get a lot of fan mail that slips through their dorm doors.

As for the presents piling up in Miller’s room, having enough toilet paper shouldn’t be a problem.

“The first one was like a four-pack, then there was another eight-pack like the next day, then there were wipes in the mail from some Bills fans and it was plant-based and it is just everyday, it’s like toilet paper everywhere,” Miller said. “So, I appreciate these guys. … It just shows the power of Bills Mafia and the kind of fanbase we have.”

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