Warriors fans shouldn’t care what Mike James says about Steph Curry

After the Warriors won their 4th championship in 8 seasons and Steph Curry finally clinched that elusive Finals MVP trophy, he asked a question. It was “What are they going to say now?”

Curry had done everything people said he couldn’t. He destroyed the best defense in the world with Defensive Player of the Year on the list. He earned Finals MVP. No Kevin Durant. No stacked list. It was Steph Curry, just doing what he does best. Kitchen.

All the slights he had against him seemed to have disappeared. He can’t do it alone. It’s just a system player. He doesn’t do that. He doesn’t do that. It was all out the window.

This is exactly why Curry asked the question he asked after winning. I didn’t feel like anyone had anything to say.

But don’t worry, y’all. Mike James found something.

It’s true. Mike James. NBA journeyman turned Euroleague star Mike James. He thinks Curry is a little too “one-dimensional” to be one of the top 5 NBA players today.

James named his top 5 players in the league and it included Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic. But not from Steph Curry. Why? He explained:

β€œSteph, how he plays and how he does, it’s a bit one-dimensional at times. He’s not the primary ball handler much, and for a playmaker, that bothers me a bit.

I can’t speak for James here, obviously. But it looks like Curry is getting noticed for not just fitting into the mold of a traditional playmaker.

Warriors fans were furious.

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Why is it so important to them? They mock James for being a Euroleague player (which is hard!) and say his opinion of Curry doesn’t matter (which it doesn’t!), but at the same time, they go so hard at it. It’s just a little weird.

Listen, James is wrong. There’s no two ways about it. Of course, Curry isn’t sometimes the primary ball handler for Golden State. And, yes, the team has a system that works.

But here’s the problem: Steph Curry is the system. It has always been the system. He’s the reason Draymond Green can make games so freely. He’s the reason Kevon Looney sometimes finds himself alone under the ledge. He’s the reason teams will mistakenly leave Klay Thompson (!!!!) open deep.

We know it. We have seen that. The curry has 4 rings which show that it is working. So it doesn’t really matter what Mike James – or anyone else – has to say. Whether Curry is in someone’s top 5 doesn’t matter either.

The guy wins. Plain and simple. And that’s what it’s all about. Warriors fans should be delighted.

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